Snippet From Sky One’s Lost Answers Show

Thanks to Nicole for the following snippets that appeared in Sky One’s Lost Answers show which aired after the Season 4 Finale on Sunday. Some of these were obviously tongue-in-cheek.

Thanks to Freckles from Lost-Chile for the portion of the video from the show.

– The black smoke is “misunderstood”
– Christian Shepard will become very important next year
– They have no answers for the love triangle
– They say the flash forwards show that aren’t making it up as they go along
– Both Ben and Charles Widmore are very important
– Michael Emerson thinks Ben will end up being a hero
– Lost will definitely end at the end of Season 6.
– Season 7 – The Zombie Season was a joke.
– JR Rowling will write Season 8 and Damon and Carlton would write the 8th Harry Potter book.
– Everyone has great hair on the island due to a woman named “Marge” who was on the plane attending a hair competition in Sydney along with a suitcase full of hair supplies.

Rebecca Mader Talks Lost!

Not had a chance to listen to this where I can so cannot confirm if there are any real spoilers but thought I’d play it safe 🙂

The Lost star who currently holds the record for most played video interview at has returned to chat with us once again! This time, actress Rebecca Mader talks about going back to work next month, who she hopes her character Charlotte will hook up with next season and what a huge fan she is of a wet, shirtless Sawyer!

Source: TV Guide