Major Spoilers : Episode 4.12 – Parts 2 And 3 – Read At Your Own Risk

Update: 10th June A number of people have been emailing me asking to see the original Lostfan108 spoilers. So here is the original for you all to see.

Update: 13:30 GMT Well it seems that ABC/Disney have now requested that Dailymotion motion to remove the video. I won’t be re-uploading the video again I’m afraid so you will have to look through the comments to see the spoilers. I’m not going to start playing a copyright dance with the video hosting companies 😉 It’s a shame that no one from ABC contacted me as a simple email would have sufficed. I’ll re-upload the video after the episode has aired so that we can see how accurate these were.
Update: 20th May I’ve just found out that Brightcove removed the video at the request of ABC/Disney.
Update: 20th May New Video has been added after the last one was removed.
Update: 14:00 There have been a number of questions in the comments and rather than trying to reply to them all I’ll post some answers here.

1) What is posted is EXACTLY what Lostfan108 sent me.
2) None of the text is mine. They are all his own words and comments.
3) As I’ve said a 1000 times, these are highlight and there are obviously a lot of scenes that are in the episode that are NOT described here.
4) Everything I have from Lostfan108 is posted. I am not holding anything back.
5) Lostfan108 has a good track record (Full spoilers for Greatest Hits, S3 Finale, Part 1 of There’s No Place like Home)