Snippet From Sky One’s Lost Answers Show

Thanks to Nicole for the following snippets that appeared in Sky One’s Lost Answers show which aired after the Season 4 Finale on Sunday. Some of these were obviously tongue-in-cheek.

Thanks to Freckles from Lost-Chile for the portion of the video from the show.

– The black smoke is “misunderstood”
– Christian Shepard will become very important next year
– They have no answers for the love triangle
– They say the flash forwards show that aren’t making it up as they go along
– Both Ben and Charles Widmore are very important
– Michael Emerson thinks Ben will end up being a hero
– Lost will definitely end at the end of Season 6.
– Season 7 – The Zombie Season was a joke.
– JR Rowling will write Season 8 and Damon and Carlton would write the 8th Harry Potter book.
– Everyone has great hair on the island due to a woman named “Marge” who was on the plane attending a hair competition in Sydney along with a suitcase full of hair supplies.