Spoilers That We’ve Yet To See

Seeing as we’re not going to be getting many new spoilers for a while, I though it would be interesting to take a look back at some of the past spoilers that we’ve yet to see occur on the show. If I’ve missed any, please let me know in the comments.

Which ones interest you the most?

1) Back in Season 2 Damon/Carlton said “The story of the wrecked research vessel, it will be coming at some point but we can’t guarantee it’ll be in Season 3”
2) Damon Lindelof wrote : “Libby’s got this mysterious backstory, of which we’ve only given you the tip of the iceberg. We know she’s spent some time in the mental institution with Hurley, and the idea of killing her before she had an opportunity to explain how she got there… we have a master plan for how we’re going to tell that story, but it’s all posthumous. You’ll start to learn Libby’s moves through flashbacks over the course of the next season”
3) “Viewers will learn why Libby was in the asylum, and why the island has healing powers”
4) Ausiello reported “Eko might be back and it might not necessarily be a flashback episode”
5) In an Official Podcast – “There will be a Rousseau flashback eventually. In it, it will talk about Montand and his arm”
6) In an Official Podcast – “They will be revisiting the psychic’s predictions for Claire in the future as well as Walt’s abilities. The Others’ obsession with children and pregnancy goes beyond the inability to successfully bear children on the island. The Other’s definitely have an interest in children with special abilities. That’s why they took Walt. There are two factions of The Others and are in no relation to the hatches/stations. They will be getting back to the statue before the show ends.”
7) Damon and Carlton : “They revealed that the smoke monster will not be explained until the end of the series. “
8) On the Season 3 DVD Commentary : “Horace Goodspeed and Olivia are important to the DHARMA story, and we can expect to see more of them in the future. Speaking of volcanoes, there is one on the island. Damon says it will be of “seismic importance” (pun very much intended.) Annie is an extremely important part of the island’s backstory, and it is a planned chapter to come. Annie is more important than the Goodspeeds or the volcano. We have not seen Ben’s motivation for his role in the purge, but we will.”
9) From Kristin : “The four-toed statue “will be back on the show,” says Damon [Lindelof]. “People will learn who built it and why it has four toes.””
10) From an Interview with Variety “We will find out more back story as to why the late Libby was in the same mental hospital with Hurley, prior to the plane crash, and presumably after she gave her boat to Desmond for the race. [We will] at some point catch up with Emma and Zack, the two kids from the tail section group of survivors who were kidnapped by the Others in season 2’s “The Other 48 Days.” To the question of whether we’ll ever see Katey Sagal’s Helen character (Locke’s former flame) again, Darlton indicated that they hoped so. To the question of whether the DeGroots, the hirsute couple who founded the Dharma Initiative, are still alive, Cuse and Lindelof paused a bit and then pressed for more specificity on the time frame of the question. As of where the time line of “Lost” will be when the series returns on April 24, Darlton would only say: “One of them is.” Lindelof let it be known that in a recent episode when one of the castaways asked Ben if he knew what the island’s smoke monster really was and Ben responded that he didn’t know — big lie. “Ben was lying about the smoke monster,” Lindelof said.”