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Question: I’m dying to have some juicy Lost tidbits. I’ll take anything I can get. — Brittany

Ausiello: Damn straight you will! Team Darlton is doing their annual “radio silence” thing, so Lost scoop is at a premium these days. Luckily, I managed to unearth this little morsel: John Terry (Christian) and Alan Dale (Widmore) are in talks to return next season on a recurring basis. Big frakkin’ whoop, right?

Well, here’s where it gets interesting: In the fine print of both their contracts, it states that Lost has the right to pick up series regular options on both actors for the show’s sixth and simpulan season. For insight into what this could possibly portend for Lost’s endgame, please join me in welcoming the man, the myth the legend, guru of all things Lost, Mr. Doc Jensen! “The prospect of expansive roles for Jack’s maybe-dead dad and Penelope’s dastardly deep-pocketed pop suggests a theory about the Island’s true significance. Here is a seemingly-magical place where the lame can walk anew, the impotent can once more shoot bullets, and anyone can crank o! n ancient donkey wheels and leap through time. In other words, the Island provides the means for death-spooked mortals to cheat the grim reaper. I’m betting that’s why Old Man Widmore is so desperate to find it. As for Ghost Dad, the Island allows him to stick around in his inexplicable spectral state and might even be facilitating a full-blown bodily resurrection; either scenario represents a violation of the natural order of things. In the end, Jack will no doubt have to convince his father — and possibly his maybe-dead half-sister Claire, too — that they need to move on. Regardless, keeping Terry around portends an emotional climax to Jack’s father issue arc.” Really? You got all of that from my one little casting item? Cool.

Source: EW

More Cheech For Season 5?

It took awhile to meet Hurley’s dad on Lost, but when we did it was an unlikely but very fun piece of casting, as none other than Cheech Marin showed up as David Reyes. We first met David during Season 3, seeing what a deadbeat dad he was via Hurley’s flashbacks. Near the end of Season 4 we saw David again, as the flash-forwards revealed the details of Hurley and the rest of the Oceanic Six’s rescue, which reunited him with his father.

Today at the TCA (Television Critics Association) press tour, I spoke to Marin, who was there to promote his new Lifetime movie The Miracle of Dommatina. I asked how his role on Lost came about, and Marin told me it all went back to his 1990s series Nash Bridges, which was executive produced by Carlton Cuse. Explained Marin, “It’s great, because the executive producer [of Lost] was the executive producer on Nash Bridges, so he called me up and asked me if I wanted to do it. I said, ‘You know, that sounds like a lot of fun… It’s in Hawaii, right? I can do that!'”

So will there be more appearances from David Reyes when the show returns for Season 5 next year? “I think there is going to be,” Marin told me, remarking, “It’s amazing the way they manipulated time and the timeline with the flash-forwards.”

Marin laughed that working on Lost has led to unusual circumstances, such as seeing an actor getting ready to shoot a scene and asking, “‘How can you be in the script? You died two weeks ago!’ It’s interesting.” Marin said he’s learned not to ask Cuse any questions about what’s to come, knowing nothing will be revealed. However, he did note that, “I said to [Cuse] the other day, ‘Do you know where this is going’ He says, ‘Kind of!’ I said, ‘Okay, that’s good enough!'”

Marin said that when it comes to working on Lost, “The funniest thing is when you’re in the makeup trailer and you see the other actors. I don’t watch the show religiously, but I hear their storylines.” Marin said that he will get curious and begin to ask questions about what’s happened so far, “And they say these convoluted [stories] and then the next person has an equally convoluted story. I say, ‘Don’t tell me anymore! I’ll figure it out.'”

Source: IGN