Season 5 – Update On Deaths And Who Is Returning!?

**UPDATED** With a little tidbit about Ben

Nothing major new, but for those that have not kept up to date on all the spoilers and news, here is the update on Michael, Jin and Claire.

Janet in R.I.: Anything new to report on Harold Perrineau’s death on Lost? I was so sad to see him go!

You and me both, babe. But the good news is that Harold is set to star in a dramedey on ABC (he was cast in the pilot The Unusuals), which is music to my ears. If you’ve seen much of H.P. in real life, you know he is (a) hilarious, (b) funny and (a) did I mention the funny? And of course, he can act his ass off. Personally, I never felt like poor, unlikable Mikey-poo did him much justice, so a fresh start where he can flaunt his comedy chops sounds good all around to me. Just my opinion! If you disagree, let mama have it in the comments below…

Mena in Los Angeles: Please, spill the beans! Is there a chance that my darling Jin survived the freighter explosion on Lost?

Jin is gonna be fine. I don’t know exactly how, but he’s going to be fine. I suspect that the difference between Michael’s and Jin’s survival is that Michael was trapped inside the hold, whereas Jin being up on the edge of the deck meant he had a chance to be blown clear of the ship. Besides, the guy magically survived the crash of a 747 and the wreck of the raft. No reason he shouldn’t survive this shipwreck—I choose to believe the Island clearly joins us all in loving him and wanting to keep him around.

Cristina L. in Miami: About the person leaving Lost next season but returning the for season six…You said it’s a girl from the first season, so is Rose included, or do you just mean Kate, Sun and Claire.

Rose would have been included, but as revealed in the Redux’s “What’s to Come” section, Emilie de Ravin will be on a holding contract with Lost for season five and returning in season six. But don’t worry, you can get your Emilie fix elsewhere in the coming year: She’s got a part in the Johnny Depp flick Public Enemies, she’s in the period baseball picture The Perfect Game with Clifton Collins Jr. and last but not least, she’ll be costarring in Ball Don’t Lie with Nick Cannon and Ludacris. Even without Lost, she’s going to be a busy cookie!

Marc in Brooklyn, N.Y.: When Ben was in the funeral parlor in the finale, was that live, real, off-island Ben or dead, spirit-vision Ben?

I had to read the comments of the Redux to figure this out (thank you Nick!), but I think that was the real Ben, because…When he moved the Island, he was teleported (or whatever) to the Tunisian desert, where we find him at the beginning of the circa 2005 flash-forward in “Shape of Things to Come.” When we first see him in that scene, he has a wound that matches the cut on his arm at the end of “No Place Like Home.” Crazy, right? So, to me, it does seem like he’s been genuinely exiled from the Island, and since he leapt forward to 2005 he has been living and working only in the “real world.”

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Snippet From Sky One’s Lost Answers Show

Thanks to Nicole for the following snippets that appeared in Sky One’s Lost Answers show which aired after the Season 4 Finale on Sunday. Some of these were obviously tongue-in-cheek.

Thanks to Freckles from Lost-Chile for the portion of the video from the show.

– The black smoke is “misunderstood”
– Christian Shepard will become very important next year
– They have no answers for the love triangle
– They say the flash forwards show that aren’t making it up as they go along
– Both Ben and Charles Widmore are very important
– Michael Emerson thinks Ben will end up being a hero
– Lost will definitely end at the end of Season 6.
– Season 7 – The Zombie Season was a joke.
– JR Rowling will write Season 8 and Damon and Carlton would write the 8th Harry Potter book.
– Everyone has great hair on the island due to a woman named “Marge” who was on the plane attending a hair competition in Sydney along with a suitcase full of hair supplies.

Latest From Kristin

Dan: I’m part of the ABC Studios Advisory Panel, and they were asking questions about Michael’s “fate” on Lost—very vague about whether he died or not, and also how interested I was in seeing him next season. Could this mean that, depending on the results, he might come back?! Also, when Ben says they all need to come back to the Island—is there any way he means Walt, too, and that he’ll be a regular next season? Because, dammit, I miss the kid, and I need to know how he’s special!
I’ve unilaterally decided that Ben’s declaration means Walt has to go back, too, but whether Darlton or the Island agree with me remains to be seen. As for Michael, well, that there isu you have from the advisory panel is what Arsenio used to call a thing that makes you go “Hmmmm…”

Janice in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada: On Lost, Ben says they all have to go back to the Island. Does this include Jin and Sun’s child?
I personally think everybody means everybody, including innocent babies and children whom their mothers and feisty Menang Ceme grandmothers are strongly disinclined to take back to the Dangerous Island of the Four-Toed Statue. On the other hand, maybe the moms can leave their babies with Penny while everyone else returns?

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Major Spoilers : Episode 4.12 – Parts 2 And 3 – Read At Your Own Risk

Update: 10th June A number of people have been emailing me asking to see the original Lostfan108 spoilers. So here is the original for you all to see.

Update: 13:30 GMT Well it seems that ABC/Disney have now requested that Dailymotion motion to remove the video. I won’t be re-uploading the video again I’m afraid so you will have to look through the comments to see the spoilers. I’m not going to start playing a copyright dance with the video hosting companies 😉 It’s a shame that no one from ABC contacted me as a simple email would have sufficed. I’ll re-upload the video after the episode has aired so that we can see how accurate these were.
Update: 20th May I’ve just found out that Brightcove removed the video at the request of ABC/Disney.
Update: 20th May New Video has been added after the last one was removed.
Update: 14:00 There have been a number of questions in the comments and rather than trying to reply to them all I’ll post some answers here.

1) What is posted is EXACTLY what Lostfan108 sent me.
2) None of the text is mine. They are all his own words and comments.
3) As I’ve said a 1000 times, these are highlight and there are obviously a lot of scenes that are in the episode that are NOT described here.
4) Everything I have from Lostfan108 is posted. I am not holding anything back.
5) Lostfan108 has a good track record (Full spoilers for Greatest Hits, S3 Finale, Part 1 of There’s No Place like Home)

Spoilers That We’ve Yet To See

Seeing as we’re not going to be getting many new spoilers for a while, I though it would be interesting to take a look back at some of the past spoilers that we’ve yet to see occur on the show. If I’ve missed any, please let me know in the comments.

Which ones interest you the most?

1) Back in Season 2 Damon/Carlton said “The story of the wrecked research vessel, it will be coming at some point but we can’t guarantee it’ll be in Season 3”
2) Damon Lindelof wrote : “Libby’s got this mysterious backstory, of which we’ve only given you the tip of the iceberg. We know she’s spent some time in the mental institution with Hurley, and the idea of killing her before she had an opportunity to explain how she got there… we have a master plan for how we’re going to tell that story, but it’s all posthumous. You’ll start to learn Libby’s moves through flashbacks over the course of the next season”
3) “Viewers will learn why Libby was in the asylum, and why the island has healing powers”
4) Ausiello reported “Eko might be back and it might not necessarily be a flashback episode”
5) In an Official Podcast – “There will be a Rousseau flashback eventually. In it, it will talk about Montand and his arm”
6) In an Official Podcast – “They will be revisiting the psychic’s predictions for Claire in the future as well as Walt’s abilities. The Others’ obsession with children and pregnancy goes beyond the inability to successfully bear children on the island. The Other’s definitely have an interest in children with special abilities. That’s why they took Walt. There are two factions of The Others and are in no relation to the hatches/stations. They will be getting back to the statue before the show ends.”
7) Damon and Carlton : “They revealed that the smoke monster will not be explained until the end of the series. “
8) On the Season 3 DVD Commentary : “Horace Goodspeed and Olivia are important to the DHARMA story, and we can expect to see more of them in the future. Speaking of volcanoes, there is one on the island. Damon says it will be of “seismic importance” (pun very much intended.) Annie is an extremely important part of the island’s backstory, and it is a planned chapter to come. Annie is more important than the Goodspeeds or the volcano. We have not seen Ben’s motivation for his role in the purge, but we will.”
9) From Kristin : “The four-toed statue “will be back on the show,” says Damon [Lindelof]. “People will learn who built it and why it has four toes.””
10) From an Interview with Variety “We will find out more back story as to why the late Libby was in the same mental hospital with Hurley, prior to the plane crash, and presumably after she gave her boat to Desmond for the race. [We will] at some point catch up with Emma and Zack, the two kids from the tail section group of survivors who were kidnapped by the Others in season 2’s “The Other 48 Days.” To the question of whether we’ll ever see Katey Sagal’s Helen character (Locke’s former flame) again, Darlton indicated that they hoped so. To the question of whether the DeGroots, the hirsute couple who founded the Dharma Initiative, are still alive, Cuse and Lindelof paused a bit and then pressed for more specificity on the time frame of the question. As of where the time line of “Lost” will be when the series returns on April 24, Darlton would only say: “One of them is.” Lindelof let it be known that in a recent episode when one of the castaways asked Ben if he knew what the island’s smoke monster really was and Ben responded that he didn’t know — big lie. “Ben was lying about the smoke monster,” Lindelof said.”